Research Thrusts:

Our research focuses on advanced manufacturing methods for the fabrication of functional materials with broad applications in energy devices, bio-functional devices, and wearable/flexible electronics. Our research is based on the following thrusts:

  • Texture and nanostructure engineering of advanced organic and inorganic conductors.

  • Materials fabrication and manufacturing development based on advanced CVD techniques such as oxidative CVD (oCVD), initiated CVD (iCVD), metal organic CVD (MOCVD), and solution-based.

  • Device integration of advanced conductors based on energy demands and biocompatibility characteristics while using machine learning techniques in material property prediction and design.

  • Texture and Nanostructure Engineering

Texture and Nanostructural Engineering of Conducting Polymers

Texture and Nanostructural Engineering of Superconductors with Artificial Pinning Centers

  • Manufacturing Methods

  • Device Integration

Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Devices (AMED) Laboratory

Meysam Heydari Research Group